Working With Alameda County


Collaboration is key

Oakland is home to 50 percent of the county's unsheltered population. That number is rising. The county has traditionally served as the social safety net and primary provider of health, mental health and addiction recovery services.

Alameda County has set ambitious targets for 2026 – to ensure the availability of diverse and affordable housing for all residents with the goal of eliminating homelessness in Alameda County. These 10x goals are part of the County’s Vision 2026.

Visit the County's homelessness page here

Through its Continuum of Care program, Alameda County provides the majority of the city's funding for homeless services. 

Emergency Interventions with Alameda County

We have been working with our Alameda County partners on the following:

  • The County has provided more than $600,000 to assist with services and emergency interventions. 
  • We worked with the County to implement a Hepatitis A vaccine program for those living in encampments.  There are no reported cases of Hepattius  A in Alameda County.
  • Vector control in encamped areas.

Long-Term Partnership to Build Affordable Housing

The county is a critical partner in affordable housing production. Voters in November 2016 passed Measure A1, the Alameda County General Obligation Bond for Housing, and the County Board of Supervisors authorized a $580 million countywide housing bond program to fund development of affordable rental housing, down payment assistance loans, home ownership housing development, and home ownership preservation loans. Almost $55 million is set aside for projects within the City of Oakland.

Click here for Measure A1 Housing Bond updates.