Emergency interventions

The City Administrator's Office coordinates the City’s cross-departmental and inter-agency response. 

The City of Oakland has implemented many new interventions to help eradicate the homelessness crisis, including:

  • Formed an Encampment Management Team comprised of city departments that respond to homelessness.

  • Created a unit in the Oakland Police Department which works closely with Public Works cleaning crews and ensure that once camps are closed, they do not re-emerge at the same location.

  • Opened Tuff Shed Cabin Community shelters sites, which serve up to 40 homeless people at each location any one time. Once the outdoor shelter opens in an area, OPD enforces a “no camping” zone in the surrounding area. Residents and businesses have been pleased with the outcomes.

  • The outdoor shelters include:

    • A hard roof with basic sanitary services such as porta-potties, hand-washing stations and garbage service, privacy of unit (2 people per unit), 24/7 site security, and limited storage for possessions.

    • Two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) and access to mobile shower facilities.

    • Counseling services e.g., housing navigation and linkage to health, mental health, and addiction recovery service.

Private donations have covered all the hard costs of getting these managed Tuff Shed Cabin Community sites up and running. Additionally, the City has: 

  • Installed sanitation stations with toilets and washing stations near homeless encampments.

  • Established weekly garbage pickup at encampment sites.

  • Established weekly deep cleaning and debris removal at encampments. View Oakland’s clean up schedule.

  • Partnered with Alameda County’s Public Health Department to implement vector and rodent control, as well as a Hepatitis A vaccine program for residents in encampments. Note: This is a proactive strategy. No cases of Hepatitis A have been reported.